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Name necklace gift for mom on your graduation day

by graceful rings (2018-07-27)

My mother has always supported me for all of my study and my career path. Therefore, I was always trying to find a special way to show my gratitude with my parents.

On my graduation day, I prepared for a special gift that was given to my mother on my special day i order to give her a special thank you for the big day.

Can you guess what that was?

That was a name necklace with my name on it order to mark a special milestone in my life for my mother and make her remember the date of my graduation day.

Your parents are the one taking care for you every single day and also the one having been through with all your changes since the day you was born. No matter what you do, they are always beside you and support with all their hearts.

My love for my mom was not an exceptional case.

Although my family rarely had extra funds, she always made me feel that I was the happiest kid ever. She had been working very hard to make ends meet but she was still very happy and showed me none of her tiredness. Therefore, I was reassured to study well and enjoy my childhood without any worry.

Last month, I graduated from university with the “very good” level of completion. I was very happy and excited to wait until the graduation day so that I could invite my family to join with me on this special occasion and took this chance to show my gratitude to my parents.

I chose my dad a blue tie which was his favorite color. He was always waiting for this gift from me. However, I was very confused and did not know what kind of gift should I give for my mother to show my huge gratitude for her to always support me in every steps of my education path since I was just a primary students until now.

Then, I searched a lot on the internet about what kind of gift that was the most popular at recent. Finally, I found the gift that suited best with this occasion. However, It also took a long time for me to choose the designs of the name pendant chain. I will share the steps with you as a guidance for you if you want to choose this kind of gift to give it to your mother on your graduation day.

First, I would recommend that you should choose the pendant design of the name of your mother. Wearing the name chain with name on it, I am sure that anyone receiving this gift will feel very happy and put on this name chain for always. Name necklace would also show your great gratitude for the person who receives it. This would be the most appropriate gift for any occasions that you would like to show your gratefulness with other.

Second, I want to share with you the online shop that I ordered my name necklace because it is a very good shops that offers so many dainty designs of custom engraved jewelry. I intended to share this point at the end. However, giving the name for you at first will make it easier for you to follow the next steps.

It is an online shop named GracefulRings specializing in the dainty personalized jewelry with a very reasonable price that you could find. I found it when reading review blogs about custom engraved jewelry and decided to choose this shop for my very first customized name chaindecision .

That of mine was so great that now I am sitting here writing for your review about this. The name chain which I bought for my mother was so great that made her very satisfy and happy with the name necklace.

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